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name Ununhexium
latin Ununhexium
french Ununhexium
german Ununhexium
symbol Uuh
proton number 116
atomic weight [289]
Pauling electronegativity -
electronic configuration [Rn] 5f146d107s27p4
melting point -
boiling point -
group 16
period 7
state (by 20°C) solid
oxidation states -


Year of discovery Discoverer
1999 V. Ninov, K. E. Gregorich, W. Loveland, Albert Ghiorso, D. C. Hoffman, D. M. Lee, H. Nitsche, W. J. Swiatecki, U. W. Kirbach, C. A. Laue, J. L. Adams, J. B. Patin, D. A. Shaughnessy, D. A. Strellis and P. A. Wilk

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