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E-mail address John Marks - 3/25/2000 11:12:21 AM

Just as the transition elements form groups corresponding to the p-bloc elements up to Mn, eg Cr, Mo, W in Group VId corresponding to O, S, Se, Te, Po in VIp,
so many, especially earlier tables, had the inner transition elements (your 'lanthanides')forming groups such as IVf: Ce, Th. Earlier tables even wrote groups such as IVd/f: "Ti, Zr, Ce, Hf, Th" or VId/f: "Cr, Mo, [Ty]Nd, U, combining the d- and f-elements. This works well up to Fe, Co, Ni (groups VIIId, IXd and Xd) which would be, for example, Ni, Pd, Gd, Pt, Cm, (group Xd/f), etc. Group Id/If would then be Cu, Ag, Tm, Au, [Bo]Me.
Is there any evidence that Tm behaves like a 'noble' metal?
e.g. forms Tm2O?
[For Bo, Ty, see attachments. Also in the attachments, "O" in the symbols O, Oa, Oe, Ou should be a capital Greek theta, but I don't have a Greek character set!]


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